Event organised by Dominic Lewen.
Saturday 14th August 2004 in London

Following last year's very enjoyable event, we are having another DOGs trip to the Proms this summer. It's a good laugh and a chance to meet up, as well as an evening of very good music for only £4!

We shall be Promming, which means standing up either in the Arena in the middle or in the Gallery right up at the very top - I'd probably go for the gallery again, as you can sit on the floor rather than standing up all the time, and I think you get a better view.

Last time we went to Deep Pan Pizza for lunch, played frisbee in Hyde Park and had cream teas (generously provided by Ian) in the queue before the concert. This time will probably be similar but people can always just meet us for the queue at the Royal Albert Hall if they prefer. And we'll definitely have more tea this year.

I have tried to pick a Saturday concert with a programme which is likely to be enjoyable even to those who aren't all that into classical music. We are doing SATURDAY 14TH AUGUST (programme below).

DOGs, DUSAGG, friends, family and anyone else welcome. I don't need definite numbers in advance as we get tickets on the door (can't book, hence the queueing thing) but it would be useful to have a rough idea so please let me know if you're thinking of going.


Prom 39, Saturday 14th August
BBC Concert Orchestera, conducted by Barry Wordsworth

Berlioz - Overture: Le corsaire overture (don't know it but probably good)
Saint-Saens - Organ Symphony (fantastic! N.B. Ian - it's a very good piece and there's actually not all that much Organ in it!)
Strauss - Radetzky March (good), Blue Danube (very famous) and a couple of other bits (which I don't know but they're not very long)
Also a few operetta arias by Kalman, Zeller, Lehar and Stolz (no idea - only heard of Lehar, but they're probably fairly short pieces)

Definitely Going

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