New Year 2003

This is the new year between 2003 and 2004

Organised by Tim Bray

bellever youth hostel

We have Bellever youth hostel booked. Its in Dartmoor. 30th December 2003 - 3rd January 2004 (4 nights). Format will be similar to previous years - local activities with time to do your own thing if you want.

Dusaggers are welcome as well as dogs people.


The expected total cost is 55 pounds [1]. If you really want to go, then get a 15 pound deposit to Dominic. Also email tim to let us know.

We would like to have the full money from everybody going before December 1st. There is nothing to stop you making your mind up later on, but the earlier we know you are coming, the better.

Price includes food and accomodation. You need to get yourself there, and you will need some beer money.

There are only 38 beds, so book early (unless you want to put your tent outside.).

Travel Arrangements

Will be more complicated this year because it is further to travel for most people. Also the hostel is not near to a station. If you are getting the train, then plan on getting the train to Exeter. Nearer the time, we will suggest train to arrive on - this way we don't have to do many trips back and forth to the station.

There are some rail closures. Services between Taunton and Tiverton are replaced by buses. In practice this means that you will get a bus from Taunton to Exeter. Full details on the national rail website. If you use the online timetable, then the bus replacements are shown.

I also suggest that people post their travel arrangements onto the Forum, so that other people can see to share lifts, get the same trains, not have to get the train as far.

Dominic has volunteered to be `transport co-ordinator` to try and organise things efficiently.

More on this nearer the time.


This is the definitive list, so if you aren't on it, I don't think you are coming. If we do not have your travel details, please contact Dominic or Tim. Hopefully there should be lots of opportunity for lift sharing etc.

Name PaidTraveling from Method
1 Tim Bray DHuddersfield Car
2 Sarah Bosworth P With Dominic
3 Dominic L D With Sarah
4 George DHigh Wycombe ? Getting a lift with HelenK
5 Ali Bell DWirral Train via Birmingham New Street
6 Katie Beverley DNottingham Lift with Penny and Steven
7 Jess Dabbs DProbably Croydon Probably train
8 Naomi Potter DWhitchurch Car with Carolyn
9 Penny PCastleford Driving
10 Ian Wild PCar (but full of stuff)
11 Laura Bilsborrow P With Ian
12 Stuart Charters PProbably Liverpool Car
13 Lizzie Wheeler (Charters)D A day late
14 Ian Hammond D car, with Naomi and Carolyn
15 Rebecca Tolfrey DColchester Train
16 Peter B DLeeds ? Train
17 Sarah Clark DLeeds? Train
18 Steven Tupper D Lift with Penny
19 Carolyn De Jonckheere DSouth Manchester Car with Naomi
20 Phil Cole PCardiff car (with Linda)
21 Linda (Cole) PCardiff Car (with Phil)
22 Katie Adlard PLincolnshire Train via birmingham new street.
23 Maria Pleydell PLondon ish Train
24 Mad Emuss PDerby ishDriving
25 Paul Mansfield D Train
26 Catherine Ross P Southampton Train
27 Helen Kimber P Bedfordshire, but nearer to Cambridge. Car
28Andy Turnbull D picked up by Helen
29 Marie-Clarie Wyatt arriving on 31st
30 Mike (Wyatt) arriving on 31st


Rachel Hiley

Not Coming

If you definitely aren't able to come, then please also let us know. This way we won't try phoning, chasing or writing to see if you want to come.


You shouldn't come to new year and expect everything to be organised. You can do your own thing if you want. But here is a rough guide. There are loads of people, so it is expected that people will have different ideas and will want to split up and do different things.

For food. Breakfast and lunchy stuff will be provided centrally. We require volunteers to take on responsibility for the main evening meals.

30th December 2003

Arrive, find people from station, drink. For most people, late afternoon, early evening. Don't expect anything big in the way of catering.

31st December 2003

In the evening, there will be a big meal with a beach party of some description (I'm thinking indoors). Lots of merry making. DJ Blob on the decks. Bring your party/80's cheese CD's for the klutage session. Maybe a beach cocktail bar.

1st January 2004

Whatever people want in the day - perhaps a trip to a real beach for some swimming, to make up for the lack of sea on the previous night.

In the evening after dinner we will have the AGM followed by Secret Evening activity.

2nd January 2004

Whatever during the day.

Jess in charge of doing the evening meal.

3rd January 2004

Get up, clean up, do whatever, go home.


[1] - If lots of people come, then it will be cheaper than 55 pounds. You may get some money back. As we get more deposits and definite answers from people, the picture will become clearer.

Room layouts

From the 2003-2004 YHA book. Thanks to Dominic for looking them up.

38 beds: 4x4, 1x6 and 2x8. First grab is yours, all in together. Reservations only for families with 2 kids.

Minimum Kit

Warm clothes - it is winter. Waterproofs are a must, and shoes for walking would be very useful. Hat and Gloves.

Whatever you wish to wear for new year

I'm not sure at this stage whether we get Duvet's and sheets with the hostel, so maybe plan that you bring your sleeping bag

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